Give Amazing Support

Provide your customers with a higher level of support by having the information you need instantly. As soon as the phone rings, your customer’s information is ready to go.

No searching – just outstanding support.

Boost Productivity

Clear calls faster and more efficiently by reducing the time it takes to enter things like service calls, account notes, and any other important information you need to service your customers.

Save Time and Money

By spending less time finding and entering data, your customer service agents clear more calls in less time.

Get R2M Today


  • R2M works directly with your existing Ring Central and Method system. Once you purchase the R2M add-on, our technical team will ensure it is set up correctly, and that your employees are trained on its use
  • The R2M app includes a custom white glove integration, design of 1 template with all workflow, processes and notifications for a one-time fee of $500.
R2M: Ring Central to Method CRM Integration App

R2M RingCentral to Method CRM puts the most important information about your customer or vendor at your fingertips the second the phone rings, keeping you informed, prepared, and on track.

How It Works