Get Organized

Use MGN’s intuitive interface to create projects, break them into multiple levels of tasks lists set due dates and assigns them to the proper team member.

Easily attach documents such as SOW, checklists, pictures to each sub task to keep your information organized.

Use the Kanban Boards to quickly view which projects are on time, which ones are at risk because of uncompleted tasks reaching deadlines have tasks, so you focus your attention where it matters and solve issues before they arise.

Get Paid Faster

Leverage MGN’s easy to use workflow to automate SOW approval, work completion verifications, SMS notifications and invoices preparation

MGN’s native integration with Quick Books makes invoicing customers and paying vendors a breeze while neatly creating the P&L for each project.

Get the Support You Need

No two companies are the same. Each enterprise needs custom project plans, work flows and processes to fit their unique business needs.

While our application minimalist and intuitive interface ensures new users quickly maneuver the app like a pro, we offer a white glove custom integration, which includes ONE custom template that replicates your processes, along with all necessary work flows, automations and notifications to get you up and running in no time.

Get MNG Today


  • MNG works directly with your existing Method system. Once you purchase the MNG add-on, our technical team will ensure it is set up correctly, and that your employees are trained on its use
  • The MNG app includes a custom white glove integration, design of 3 templates with all workflow, processes and notifications for a one-time fee of $2000.
MNG: The Best Project Management App for Method CRM Users

MNG cloud-based project management app delivers enterprise-class security, workflow automation, real-time dynamic notifications, and native integration with QuickBooks helps any small or mid-size business unleash both efficiency and profitability.

MNG is, by far, the best project management app and the easiest addition to Method CRM to increase the effectiveness and profitability of your projects.

How It Works