Get the EXACT Information You Need

FINDR dives deep into the data in your Method CRM system and gathers results based on the exact criteria you establish. Find customers by location range, vendors by service area, products by sales – literally any results you want, can be gathered in a few clicks.

Get the Results You Need Faster

FINDR pulls the information you already loaded into METHOD Contact Module and helps you build lists that extracts the specific information you need in seconds. No more time wasted digging for information, copying and pasting.

Get The EXACT Information You Need

FINDR helps you focus on what matters the most. Identify the vendors who can perform specific jobs, pinpoint the customers who are prime for a new service, find the areas rich in opportunities you should focus on to grow and protect your business.

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  • $500 installation and setup
  • price per user
FINDR for Method CRM

FINDR is designed with precise targeting in mind to generate lists that give you the right data as quickly and simply as possible.

Get the right customers and vendors for your projects and sales campaigns to ensure you grow your business faster than the competition.

How it Works